OYSAN Club Information Form

2009-2010 Seasonal Year





Date: ________________________


Club Name: ____________________________________________________


League Name: __________________________________________________


Classification:   Rec     Rec Plus    Competitive     Premier  (circle all that apply)





Name: _____________________________________________________________


Address: ___________________________________________________________


City: _______________________________________


State: ______________________________________


Zip Code: ___________________________________


Home Phone: _______________________ Work Phone:________________________


Fax: _______________________________ E-mail:_____________________________



     As the official contact person and on behalf of the above named club, I hereby consent to abiding by all of OYSAN’s rules and regulations as a properly registered club through the above league and through OYSAN.  I will also agree to completely register every team, every player, and every coach that is sponsored, financed, coached, or administered to by this club whether they be male or female, members of traveling teams, competitive teams, intramural programs, recreational programs or house programs as set forth by this state association and that of the national association.  Non-compliance will result in sanctions against this club.



            Signed: ____________________________________ Date: ______________________


This form must be filed with your league and accompanied by a $5.00 fee payable to the league.  This fee is an access fee that permits the State Office to provide answers to questions and services directly to the clubs.  It is not a direct membership fee and does not provide membership services, which may be provided through the league’s affiliation with the state.


All leagues must be sure their member clubs complete this form once every seasonal year and return this form to the State Office.