G.A.A.S.A. Playing Up Rules and Guidelines
  YES   NO
  Play Up To Division / Classic Level   Play In Divisions
Division Classic 1 Classic 2 Classic 3 Classic 4 All
U9C1 U10 Yes No No No U9 & U11 U10C2  
U9C2 U10 Yes Yes No No U9 & U11 U10C3  
U9C3 U10 Yes Yes Yes No U9 & U11 U10C4  
U9C4 U10 Yes Yes Yes Yes U9 & U11 n/a  
U10C1 U11 Yes No No No U12 U11C2 All U10
U10C2 U11 Yes Yes No No U12 U11C3 All U10
U10C3 U11 Yes Yes Yes No U12 U11C4 All U10
U10C4 U11 Yes Yes Yes Yes U12 n/a All U10
U11C1 U12 Yes No No No U13 U12C2 All U11
U11C2 U12 Yes Yes No No U13 U12C3 All U11
U11C3 U12 Yes Yes Yes No U13 U12C4 All U11
U11C4 U12 Yes Yes Yes Yes U13 n/a All U11
U12C1 U13 Yes No No No U14 U13C2 All U12
U12C2 U13 Yes Yes No No U14 U13C3 All U12
U12C3 U13 Yes Yes Yes No U14 U13C4 All U12
U12C4 U13 Yes Yes Yes Yes U14 n/a All U12
U13C1 U14 Yes No No No U15 U14C2 All U13
U13C2 U14 Yes Yes No No U15 U14C3 All U13
U13C3 U14 Yes Yes Yes No U15 U14C4 All U13
U13C4 U14 Yes Yes Yes Yes U15 n/a All U13
U14C1 U15 Yes No No No n/a U15C2 All U14
U14C2 U15 Yes Yes No No n/a U15C3 All U14
U14C3 U15 Yes Yes Yes No n/a U15C4 All U14
U14C4 U15 Yes Yes Yes Yes n/a n/a All U14
Special Concerns:
All players must come from within the same club
Playing up is not permitted in the Playoffs
Teams must play with their registerd league rosters in Playoffs
If a Guest Player plays a 4th game up, the game in which the Guest Player plays will be treated as:
     1 - The game in which the Guest Player plays will be treated as a FORFEIT by the team using such Player
     2 - The Coach of the team on which the Player is rostered will be SUSPENDED for two games