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SelectB.9110004/14/2019Sun3:007053170CF United3306Perry United B-11  Waterworks 7v7
SelectB.9110014/27/2019Sat4:007053170CF United3241Eagles Select 10/11 Boys  Waterworks 7v7
SelectB.9110024/28/2019Sun3:007053170CF United3268Mighty Kicks U9 Boys  Waterworks 7v7
SelectB.9110035/5/2019Sun4:007053170CF United3358Akron Inner City Fire  Waterworks 7v7
SelectB.9110045/18/2019Sat1:001923333ACSC B093170CF United  Butler Rodman Park
SelectB.9110056/1/2019Sat3:301363306Perry United B-113170CF United  Meredith 7v7
SelectB.9110065/4/2019Sat3:002023241Eagles Select 10/11 Boys3170CF United  Diamond/202 7v7
SelectB.9110076/2/2019Sun3:005883268Mighty Kicks U9 Boys3170CF United  Copley/588
SelectB.9110084/14/2019Sun2:001923333ACSC B093241Eagles Select 10/11 Boys  Butler Rodman Park
SelectB.9110095/24/2019Fri6:301363306Perry United B-113268Mighty Kicks U9 Boys  Meredith 7v7
SelectB.9110104/29/2019Mon6:302023241Eagles Select 10/11 Boys3358Akron Inner City Fire  Diamond/202 7v7
SelectB.9110115/5/2019Sun1:005883268Mighty Kicks U9 Boys3333ACSC B09  Copley/588

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